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Studies show that the first few seconds of browsing determine if a web site visitor decides to stay, consider doing business with the company, or just move on. This means that if you seek to distinguish your business from hundreds of competitors vying for customer attention, first impressions are vital to convince the prospective customer that you are worthwhile. The 'first impression' convention is just as true with your printed literature as your web site.

There is a world of difference between simply writing a ten page descriptive document enumerating your products and services and deliberately presenting information in a fashion that maximizes customer interest. Your web site or printed brochure has to communicate your business's uniqueness and professionalism in every color combination, navigation, and layout.

TBIQ Technologies can make a crucial difference in your company's growth and success. Our custom designs are crafted to reflect the uniqueness of your business. We meet, listen, and work with you to produce a product that will stand out as a true representation of your business.

But we don't stop there. We specialize in information architecture, usability, and accessibility - something that will enable the widest audience to get the most out of the presented information. In web development, we use the latest techniques and technologies to pack your site with features that will enhance user experience. This will generate maximum customer interest and frequent returns to your web site.

Please feel free to browse some samples of our portfolio and the complete list of services we currently provide.

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